Maaskade Bevrachters and its more than 60 inland tanker barges guarantee optimum logistical solutions for the transport of non-hazardous liquids across the inland waterways throughout all of Europe.

Trendco has been active in inland shipping for more than 35 years. With an experienced and professional team work is continuously done on performing the transports as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Pantank Terminals is specialized in storage and handling services. With 28 discharging locations, 26.000 CBM storage and 42 tanks Pantank has a lot storage space for oils & fats.

The services of Mariliq include transportation of ADN and non-ADN products for the chemical, petrochemical, bio energy and paper industry in a cost-effective manner.

Agro Minne is a logistical service provider specialized in inland shipping transport of dry raw materials on West European waterways.

Navonus is a privately owned and independent port agency and cargo survey company all rolled into one.

Valliantie Chartering offers tailor-made solutions for its customers by focusing on the niche market of carrying non-hazardous products with extraordinary properties.

Water Afval Verwerking BV is founded in 2011. Our aim is to relieve ships in their handling and disposal of wastewater.